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Hydronic Heating Victoria

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Q. Why is Air Sourced Heat Pump Hydronics preferred over SOLAR/LPG Hydronics?

A. Because it takes hundreds of solar tubes to get the same solar gain as our Cold Climate air sourced heatpumps

If we claim to be an ethical and conscientious warrior for ecology and sustainability, why would we not exploit SOLAR - the most obvious free energy source available ? The answer is . . . we do, just not in the most obvious way, but we do so in the most considered and scientific way.

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If you put in say 4x 30 tube solar collectors (120 tubes), providing an average of 4x 6.5kw = 26kw/day the other 74kw (or 74%) is going to come from the "booster". The cost of putting in 120 tubes and a big storage tank will be substantial, yet only provide 26% of the heat energy required, and if you've got an LPG booster, it's still going to cost 3x as much to run than a Skyline Energy Cold Climate Air-Sourced Heatpump without tubes or boosters!

In the Southern States/colder climates, traditional solar, and solar evacuated tubes just do not provide enough energy when needed most, and for most home installations, a worthwhile (300-500 tube) solar hydronic heating system would be impractical and expensive.

The total energy cost of manufacture, supply, and installation of solar hydronics must be taken into account and offset against the solar energy input provided, and in our opinion, for winter hydronics use a Skyline Energy Cold Climate Air-Sourced Heatpump provides a more ecological and sustainable solution.

  • On average over winter, in a 200sqm home, a 120 Solar tube array will extract from direct sunlight, approx. 26% of the energy required for hydronic heating.
  • On average, a Skyline Energy Cold Climate Air-Sourced Heatpump will extract from the air, approx. 70% of the energy required for hydronic heating.

Example: 200sqm house

120 tube SOLAR with backup

Skyline Energy Cold Climate
Air-Sourced Heatpump

As always, do your own research:
100MJ (megajoules) = 27.8kilowatthour
Output of Flat Plate and Evacuated Tube Collectors by SOLAVIS.

According to SOLAVIS, flat plate collectors work better in the cloudy conditions experienced in winter, than evacuated tubes - and you only need your hydronics system in winter . . . . .    it's all very confusing!

We would openly welcome and appreciate anyone who can show us a more efficient, sustainable, alternative solar or otherwise, system than we use now and we will gladly move forward with it!

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Warning: Never buy a heat-pump that has an electric element - check first!

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