Hydronic Heating Victoria

Hydronic Heating Victoria

Specialising in SOLAR HYDRONICS via Heat Pumps


Commercial Capacity Solar Air Sourced Heat Pump Hydronic Heater

  Skyline Energy V120-3 Air Sourced Hydrocarbon Hydronic heat pump

Geothermal or Air Sourced Heat Pump ?

Easy! Use an Air Sourced Heat Pump!
Invest the GEOTHERMAL groundworks money into solar electricity and get a much better return on investment, and a much more environmentally sound system!

A GEOTHERMAL heat-pump costs about the same as a Cold Climate Air Sourced heat-pump, but you have to add the substantial cost of groundworks . . . .

Instead, use a Skyline Energy Air Sourced Heat Pump and invest some of that money saved into Solar Electricty for a much higher return on your investment.

The main features of this unit are:
  1. Significantly reduced heating costs. Due to its low energy input and high energy output, this heater is very economical to run compared to other forms of heater.
  2. Scroll compressors for high capacity, economical operation.
  3. Ease of installation - the radiator heater is totally self contained and is designed to be installed outside, therefore installation costs are minimal.
  4. Because it extracts solar heat energy from the air, it can work in all weather conditions, even down to -10oC
  5. Supplies continuous solar heating 24hrs per day!
  6. Multiple units can be used to cater for any heat load.
  7. No boosting is required.This heater does not need a GAS or Electric booster, but can be incorporated into an existing hydronic system to provide increased capacity and/or to reduce running costs.

* prices & specifications are subject to change without notice, so please call for latest pricing - special promotions etc.

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