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If you haven't already got a solar or heatpump hot water unit, It's time to change to a Sanden heat pump and start saving money.

If you live in *Victoria, and have an electric hot water unit, don't wait till it breaks down, you could lose over $700 as at 30/03/16) in VEECs electric-changeover rebates.

*Over $2000 available in rebates (VIC)

*33x/34x STC's @ $38/STC (everyone gets this rebate)
PLUS (for electric changeovers)
46x (metro) or 48x (rural) VEEC's @ $16/VEEC

*STC and VEECs trading prices subject to change without notice

Call for current STC's & VEEC's prices - 1300 552 976

Sanden ECO CO2 Domestic Heat Pump Hot Water Service

315Lt, 250Lt, & 160Lt Stainless Steel storage tanks

5Heat Pumps are much cheaper and simpler to install than conventional solar - yet do the same job!

These sensational heat-pumps provide a great ecological solution because they are very efficient and are fully accredited for solar rebates, nothing on your roof, robust, more efficient, cheap to buy, and simple to install.

5reference: Government of Victoria, Sustainability Victoria, Benefits of Energy Smart Design, Chapter 1, Page 4, Table 1.1, Lifecycle greenhouse impacts (tonnes CO2 equivalent), Appliances, Hot Water Systems. 'Heat-pumps 30% lower greenhouse impact than electric boosted solar'.
( http://www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/resources/documents/eshousingmanualch01.pdf)

CO2 Heat Pump

The CO2 ECO Heat Pumps
These excellent quality heat pump hot water units efficiently produce plenty of hot water by extracting energy directly from the air! and do not require solar collectors on your roof.

These models use a planet friendly CO2 hydrocarbon (R744) gas as the medium.

One 315Lt unit is ideal for up to 6 people in a 3-4 bedroom 1-2 bathroom home.
One 250Lt unit is ideal for up to 4 people in a 2-3 bedroom 1 bathroom home.
One 160Lt unit is ideal for up to 2 people in a 1-2 bedroom 1 bathroom home.

The split system offers flexible tank location - heat pump and tank can be located up to 4 metres apart. In ambient air of 20 degrees it takes just 4 hours to heat 315 litres of water from 17 degrees to 65 degrees. An in-built freeze protection makes it suitable for all of Australia’s climates throughout the entire year.

The heat pump is made in Japan and has 3yrs warranty, and the tank is made in Australia and has 15yrs warranty (pro-rata)

The heat pump unit features a whisper quiet operation, making it neighbourhood friendly as well. In a time of escalating energy costs, the most energy efficient and quietest hot water heat pump system, that is also environmentally sound, is a first-rate choice for almost every household. (not suitable for bore-water applications)

Choose this model range for highest efficiency, longest warranties on tank and heat-pump, maximum rebates, quietest heat-pump on the market at only 38dB, 65oC MAX water temperature, and where tank can be installed inside and heat-pump outside.

Pricing and Solar rebates :



Tank Size


STC/RECs Rebates - ALL

VIC Metro
Elec Change

VIC Rural
Elec Change






315-SS (TALL)










315-SS (SQUAT)































*To Certegy-approved customers

Don't wait for your old hot water unit to fail!

History shows that when your hot water system fails, you are more likely to just replace it with the same type to get hot water again faster. If you plan to get a Sanden when your hot water unit fails - don't wait for it to fail, change it now as a planned upgrade. With Certegy EZI-PAY, you can replace it now, pay 20% deposit, borrow the balance, and pay it off interest free over 18 months!

Please call for current prices for STC's & VEEC's - 1300 552 976

Prices do not include delivery and installation. (typically allow approx. $1300 for delivery and changeover of an electric HWS)

Optional "Quickie Installation Kit" (recommended) includes all the extra fittings required for installation, and is only $300

Note: Hydronics use may void warranty - must be an approved installation.

1x unit could be used for dedicated hydronics-only to heat up to about 50sqm (5 squares or 2-3 small rooms)
We do not recommend multiple units for hydronics, instead use a correctly sized SX-xxx dedicated air sourced hydronics Heatpump

Please call 1300 552 976 or email for more info and/or free quote.

New Requirements for VEECs Rebates:

The Essential Services Commission have stepped up their requirements for compliance of the scheme: VEECs are now only claimable when replacing a working system. A system that is being replaced because it has broken-down and is no longer able to create hot water does not qualify for VEECs. The ESC now also require more thorough collection of information used to create VEECs. We have updated (once again) our forms to help with the collection of all the required information.

In summary in addition to the VEEC application form, they now require:

  • A Certificate of Electrical Safety (if one was issued for the job) must be supplied. The CES must include details of the decommissioning of the old system (i.e. old electric HWS disconnected from the electricity supply).
  • A plumbers Certificate of Compliance must be supplied. The compliance certificate must include details of the decommissioning of the old system, the method used to render the system unusable, and how and where it was disposed of.
  • Proof of purchase must be supplied, listing the model of the new system purchased, as registered with the ESC, and this must match the model written on the VEEC form. Also include the method used to render the system unusable, and how and where it was disposed of.
  • All plumbers taking part in the installation must be registered and thereby eligible to do the installation. A photocopy of the Plumbing Industry Commission Licence of all plumbers contracted to do the installation is required. With the photocopy make sure you include your FULL business details contact phone numbers, and email address.

Please note that to claim VEECs a working system must be decommissioned. The decommissioning details must be comprehensive. The ESC conducts random audits of selected applications and will ask questions relating to the decommissioning of your system.

Please be reassured however, that WE will help with ALL the rebate paperwork, as long as these guidelines are adhered to.

STC (formerly RECs) Rebate - ZONES


Note this zone map does not show the zone 5 frost prone areas, download the postcode chart to be sure

STC's (formerly RECs) can be traded via the STC clearing house at a fixed price of $40/STC.
There could possibly be a delay as the STC Clearing House works on a Surplus/Deficit basis. Alternatively, the owner can sell their STC's directly to a trader such as Green Bank (www.green-bank.com.au) usually at a slightly lower price, but a quick turnaround. The status of the STC Clearing House Transfer List is publicly available and updated on an hourly basis.

For more information on the STC clearing house please visit http://www.orer.gov.au/clearinghouse/index.html

All rebate information is provided as a guide only - please call for confirmation - 1300 552 976

Find your zone by postcode: Click here to download postcode chart

Note: New VEECs Rules Apply - must change working system

Bushfire rebuilders

The Federal Electric Change Rebate of $600 for a heat pump is NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Main features:

  1. Up to 38% more efficient than solar-boosted electric!
  2. Due to its very low energy input and high energy output, it has a very low ongoing cost of operation.
  3. Whisper quiet operation at only 38dB
  4. 65oC MAX water temperature (hotter than most heat-pumps)
  5. Ease of installation - NO ROOF MOUNTED COLLECTOR PANELS!
    • Lower installation cost than Solar
    • No worries if you don't have a suitable north facing roof
    • No worries about shading from trees or other buildings
    • No extra weight on the roof
    • Not susceptible to hail damage
  6. Won't overheat and waste water in full sun like most solars
  7. No need to be installed in direct sunlight. Because it extracts heat energy from the air, it produces low cost hot water 24hrs/day 365days/year - even at night and when it is raining.
  8. No boosting is required. This means that you do not have to worry about running out of hot water, or leaving a booster switch on for too long.
  9. Stainless Steel Tanks - (NOT SUITABLE FOR BORE WATER).
  10. 15years warranty on the tanks!

Solar or Heat-pump?
read more about the Solar myth!

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